Academic team focuses on trivia

Natasha Little, Contributing Writer

    The growing Nixa academic team continues the jeopardy-like activity this year and is thriving.   

   “This activity is something that everyone can participate in,” Academic team coach Julie Staats said. “This summer when they were doing nationals in June he [Dr. Horner] called and asked if I wanted to see how it was kinda run at that time and I was like absolutely, and I absolutely loved it, I loved the format, I loved the questions because it’s something that if you’re kinda just listening you can kinda participate in.”

   The activity might even be familiar because of a classic T.V. game show. 

    “[It’s] Jeopardy on steroids but for teens,”  Staats said.

   The varsity team has gotten first place in the past two tournaments they participated in and the JV placed third in one of their past tournaments. The team has several new members.          

   “[It’s] very accepting, very chill, very just kind of, whatever happens, happens,”  senior Alex Rapp, captain of the varsity said.

   The team is looking to continue its expansion, and people who are looking to join.

“We are always looking for new people and if you can muster up a team of four with your friends then you can be a whole team and get into a bunch of wacky adventures together doing trivia, it’s fun,” Rapp said. 

   The academic team meets every Tuesday in the library and their next tournament is on Dec. 8th.