‘Cause this is Thriller

Julian Orozco Killian masters the moves of Michael Jackson

Lights, camera, Jackson! At the Thriller on C-Street parade, attendees got to watch freshman Julian [Jay] Orozco Killian and choir teacher Jennifer Stammers perform the dance routine to Michael Jackson’s iconic song “Thriller.”
Orozco Killian was featured in the performance as Michael Jackson, and Stammers was a part of the larger group of dancers called the Zombie Corps. The Zombie Corps, a dance group at Dance With Me dance studio in Springfield, is how Orozco Killian and Stammers met for the first time in 2020. Since then, they have enjoyed dancing together on many occasions, including at Nixa High School’s 2022 Homecoming dance.
Orozco Killian has been dancing in the Thriller on C-Street parade since he was 10 years old, but this past parade was the first time he was featured as the Michael Jackson character. Stammers said his performance was flawless.
“He was able to improvise and do the spins, … the turns and the moonwalking,” Stammers said. “People loved it.”
Orozco Killian started to dance like Michael Jackson at a young age.
“… [When I was] 4 four years old, I listened to ‘Thriller’ and I watched the whole video, and [I was] like, ‘I wanna do something like that,’ ” Orozco Killian said. “I started practicing making all these dance moves myself; I was self-taught how to do it, so I didn’t have any help until I was age 15.”
Stammers notices many similarities between Orozco Killian’s and the King of Pop’s dancing.
“If anybody could embody Michael Jackson, it’s him,” Stammers said. “I don’t think there’s a move that Michael Jackson did that Julian [Orozco Killian] cannot do.”
The signature dance moves of Michael Jackson are difficult to master, but for Orozco Killian, it comes naturally.
“When a specific Michael Jackson song starts, I usually just let the magic flow,” he said.
Not only is Orozco Killian extremely talented, he also has a great attitude. Stammers said he is full of energy and enthusiasm.
“… He’s unafraid and unashamed to be who he truly is,” Stammers said.
Dancing is just one of Orozco Killian’s passions, and he has big plans for his future as an entertainer.
“… My dream in life is to become a big Hollywood film actor and hip-hop dancer and guitar player,” Orozco Killian said. “It’s my dream in life just to entertain, and also … to honor the man himself [Michael Jackson].”
Confident in his abilities, Orozco Killian is planning to go to Los Angeles to get a talent agent. An agent will help him to land roles in movies and begin his career in film acting.
“… I believe in myself. … We’ve had some actors from Springfield that [go] off to L.A. [to be in] films, so therefore, I can definitely do it,” he said.
Recently, Orozco Killian performed in the musical “White Christmas” at Springfield Little Theatre in the Featured Dance Ensemble. The show required him to learn tap dancing, adding to his repertoire of dances. The show was held from Nov. 18-Dec. 4.

Choir teacher Jennifer Stammers and freshman Julian Orozco Killian wear detailed costumes and spooky makeup for Thriller on C-Street.