A Nightmare on the Mat

Nixa High School senior Zan Fugitt is an accomplished wrestler. Coach Dustin Martin has done a lot for Fugitt, helping him along with his wrestling experience. Fugitt won a spot on the U17 United States World Team this past July and got to wrestle for the United States in Rome, Italy. He is the only wrestler from Missouri to be on the Greco-Roman team. He is also the first Nixa wrestler to be ranked on the FloWrestling National Top 5, coming in at No. 5 in the 120-pound weight class. Fugitt has committed to The University of Oklahoma.

Question: How did you start wrestling?
Answer: My dad used to train at a gym fighting and jujitsu, and that’s kinda what got me into wrestling because they started a club there.

Q. How long have you been wrestling/when did you start?
A. I’ve been wrestling for a long time, I started wrestling when I was 4, so I’ve been wrestling for about 14 years now.

Q. Why do you enjoy wrestling?
A. I enjoy wrestling because it’s fun to compete, and just a fun grind. Wrestling is a tough sport; it’s fun.

Q. What is your biggest accomplishment in wrestling?
A. The biggest accomplishment I’ve ever had was competing to make a world team this past summer.

Q. What is your biggest challenge in wrestling?
A. My biggest challenge is probably the training because you have to stay on top of the game and work really hard.

Q. What did you do to make the world team?
A. To do this, I had to win world team tryouts in Las Vegas. Basically it’s like a tournament and if you win the tournament you make the world team.

Q. How did wrestling for the U.S. in Rome help you learn and become a better wrestler?
A. It helped me become a better wrestler because I met a lot of cool people, and they showed me a lot of good technique and evolved my wrestling.

Q. What are some goals you have for your future pertaining to wrestling?
A. My goals are to wrestle in college and hopefully win the NCA’s and make a couple more world teams.

Q. What’s your hype song before you go out on the mat?
A. “Dreams and Nightmares” by Meek Mill