The House that Sponsors Built

Eli Dean, Editor-in-Chief

With a new video board and gray turf, every Nixa Eagles football game has had a little bit more excitement.
“All the money for the video board was raised through our sponsorships, Mercy was our main sponsor and they donated $240,000, which was also the total cost,” Activities Director Brandon Clark said. “The main reason why we did it was the same reason we got one in our gym, which was to give students a chance to learn a skill. Besides the atmosphere it creates, it also provides an opportunity for them for those in Nixa Live and the other media to have a platform to be able to learn all those other different skills.”
It took six weeks over the summer to remove the green turf and install the gray turf. The new turf was funded by sponsorships. Sponsors were given advertisements on the video board as well as on the actual turf.
“Most turfs last about 10 years, and the prior turf was used for 11 seasons, so it was in pretty desperate need of replacement,” Clark said. “The turf was around $450,000 and all came from sponsorships, which include United Plumbing, Wise Guys, Bewley Custom Homes, Mr. Dent and Hy-Vee.”
Senior Nate Puryear, sports commentator for NixaLive Productions, said the video board has helped the program.
“It allows us to have more versatility like being able to show replays to people in the stands,” Puryear said. “I make the hype videos that play before the game starts, and making them and showing those are really fun. … It’s really nice to have and we’re able to do so much more with it like having so many more angles to work with our better equipment to more replays and playing advertisements from sponsors, we’ve got it all.”