Review: Morning Day Café and LUK Boutique

Locally owned Nixa businesses thrive downtown


Arabella Cosgrove

Stop by a downtown Nixa business for a great experience and to support the community.

   Downtown Nixa continues to grow and several local businesses are located in its heart downtown. Two of those businesses are Morning Day Café and LUK Boutique.

   When you pull up to Morning Day Café, you see colorful window art that has a groovy rainbow pattern. As you walk in, you are met with friendly service and a pleasant and cozy atmosphere. The decorations are farm style, and the furniture appears to be mostly vintage. In addition to breakfast items, Morning Day Café also offers a bar. When I visited, I ordered the Breakfast in Bed meal. It was delicious, came out hot, and was very filling. The pricing was also very reasonable. Aiding in the enjoyable experience was the excellent customer service. The waitress was very kind and helpful when taking my order, and she came over to my table often to ask if I needed anything. Morning Day Café is a great place to go for brunch with friends or a bite to eat before school starts. Overall, I give this restaurant a 9/10.

   LUK Boutique is just a few doors down from Morning Day Café and has an equally appealing exterior. It also has window art that has a floral pattern. Inside, the store is very organized and well decorated. The clothes themselves are unique pieces that would appeal to someone with a Southern style. There was a range of products from shirts, pants and dresses, to accessories, jewelry and beauty items. The customer service was alright. The worker was not very attentive. There are fitting rooms available, so I was able to try on a shirt that I was interested in. I did not end up buying it because it was poorly fitting, but I was impressed with all of the options. The pricing was a bit high, but I expected that considering boutiques are usually more expensive than chain clothing stores and offer higher quality items. I would recommend LUK Boutique to anyone looking to do some holiday shopping. Overall, I give this business an 8/10.