Senioritis infects students

Zeltzin Mondragon-Garcia, Contributing Writer

A little “sickness” has been spreading through Nixa High School. It’s called senioritis. Senioritis is the lack of motivation to do anything school related. Affected seniors are ready to be done with school, but they still have many things to do in order to complete that wish. 

Reagan Bridges (12) has started applying for different scholarships and colleges around the area. Having to take her finals all in one day added a lot of stress to Bridges.

“Me personally, I would rate my senioritis like a 9/10,” Bridges said. “It’s so bad, I’m very overwhelmed and distraught with finals all being moved to Wednesday so they are literally right around the corner as well as applying for colleges and scholarships that I could earn. Thank goodness I only have a couple more months of this senioritis thing left.”

Jacob Rhoades (12) is involved in a multiple extracurricular activities at Nixa which includes a variety of band involvements and Distributive Education Clubs of America. 

“I would firmly believe that my senioritis is at a solid 8.2 right now,” Rhoades said. “Well not only do I not have anything to do at the moment but I manage to do less than what I have to do which is also nothing. It’s like doing negative things.” 

Although there is a handful of seniors that have experienced senioritis, there are some that haven’t experienced it yet. James Harris (12) is one of the people included in this bunch.

“Honestly for me It’s like a 1/10” Harris said. “Because I’m doing more work this year than I ever have in the past few years. My grades are some of the best they’ve ever been and the best I’ve seen them in a while.”