Volleyball Beach offers a slice of summer

Chloe Kittrell, Contributing Writer

   The nearby Volleyball Beach in Ozark has been a popular, lively spot for all ages to connect through games and events. When first arrived, the huge bubble tent welcomes guests with its extravagance. Entering through a revolving door, guests leave the cold December winds outside, and are greeted with sand at their feet.

There are ten white-sand volleyball courts within the dome walls, always filled with teams and playing and practicing for tournaments. They offer recreational, competitive, and power leagues. The owner of Volleyball Beach, Madisen Bettlach, said the numerous options benefits anyone, no matter “where you came from, what you do, or who you know.”

She also highlighted the impact being a part of a team at Volleyball Beach can support “physical, mental, and emotional well being.” Volleyball Beach is an increasingly popular spot for NHS students. One of the students who participates is Braden Petersen. He said he and his friends found a “comforting community while competing at Volleyball Beach.”