A look at the future of Nixa Football


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BLAKE EIDSON: This is Blake Eidson with Eagle Air Radio. With this year’s football season ending with a loss to Lee’s Summit North, the team has turned to the future of the team with the incoming freshman. I sat down with Coach John Perry and asked him about his thoughts on the upcoming freshman class. OK, and what steps are you taking to improve the football team this year?

JOHN PERRY: Well, we are going to try to get better physically. So bigger, stronger, and faster. We’re going to try to get better mentally by sharpening our behavior skills, like awareness and confidence, and being able to overcome adversity. We’re going to get better tactically. How do we game plan to beat other folks? We’re going to get better technically, like how do we become better at our positions. Better steps, better alignment, better technique. So we’re going to do a lot of things to try to be better.

BLAKE EIDSON: How do you feel about the potential of the upcoming ace freshman class?

JOHN PERRY: I think that’s a really good group. They had a lot of success athletically. I think they went 6 and 1 on their season, so we’re excited about those kids. They play a lot of different sports, which is great. We think playing a bunch of sports is really good for kids, and we’re excited to get them up here.

BLAKE EIDSON: OK, thank you for your time.

JOHN PERRY: Thank you.

BLAKE EIDSON: Interviewing current eighth graders was going to be hard, but luckily I have a younger brother in the eighth grade. So I got to interview him, Hunter Eidson, and Gavin Shaw, about their steps they are taking for the off season. How do you feel the off season going so far?

HUNTER EIDSON: Good, good. I haven’t really done much, but yeah, good. I guess.

BLAKE EIDSON: What about you? What have you done so far in the offseason? How do you feel about it?

GAVIN SHAW: I’ve been going to the gym, and doing workouts at home and just practicing.

BLAKE EIDSON: OK, how do you feel about next season? This upcoming season?

HUNTER EIDSON: I feel good. I can’t wait to work with Coach Perry.

BLAKE EIDSON: What about you?

GAVIN SHAW: I feel good. I mean, we have a good team. And we went undefeated this year.

BLAKE EIDSON: And then final question, how do you feel about– what steps are you taking to get better for next season? Or what steps do you plan to get better next for next season?

HUNTER EIDSON: Work out. Catch the ball better. Just be better. Work hard.

BLAKE EIDSON: Great words, great words. What about you?

GAVIN SHAW: As I already said, like working out, and like going to the gym, working on feet agility and stuff like that.

BLAKE EIDSON: Great job. Thank you today.


It looks like the future of our football team is looking bright. Thank you for listening. This has been Blake Eidson for Eagle Air Radio.