A look at the freshmen band experience


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MILEY FISHER: This is Miley Fisher of Eagle Air Radio. Thanks for tuning in today. When we give you the lead and you save for the tea. Today’s discussion is about freshman marching band and all the struggles and feelings they went through this fall season, either if it was BOA or just making sure to get on the dot on time. Joining me in this podcast where Patience Foster and Cannon Davis, a freshman clarinet and as well as a freshman trumpet. Cannon and Patience talked about what it’s like being a freshman this year. How is being a freshman in your section like?

CANNON DAVIS: It’s fun because you’re new and you get to have a lot of new friends and stuff.

MILEY FISHER: Thank you. What about you?

PATIENCE FOSTER: I mean, it’s not as overwhelming as I thought it would be. Everyone was really welcoming.

MILEY FISHER: Next, we talk about the hot summer they had in band camp. What was your least favorite part about band camp?

PATIENCE FOSTER: How hot it was and all the people passing out.


CANNON DAVIS: Yeah, probably the heat.

MILEY FISHER: After we got into what people felt about their first BOA competition, Patience and Cannon opened and talked about some of the stuff they struggled with this season. Was BOA scary?

CANNON DAVIS: No, it’s really fun because there’s a bunch of different bands and you could hang out with people and talk with your section but in other places from all around the world– or I guess all around US.

PATIENCE FOSTER: Yeah. I mean, it honestly wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. It was fun getting to watch other bands.

MILEY FISHER: Is there anything you’re struggling with getting on your dot on time or like?

PATIENCE FOSTER: Oh yeah. There’s like a few-  this one set that I’m supposed to turn and get in front of this guard girl. Every time, I almost miss it. And she hits me with her flag.

CANNON DAVIS: For me, there’s a very certain people in my section that make it very hard to get to my dot because they move really slow. So I wouldn’t make it in time.

MILEY FISHER: Lastly, the two give advice for the incoming freshmen next year. What advice would you give to a freshman next year?

PATIENCE FOSTER: Come in prepared to be engaged. It’s a lot different than junior high band. You have to be a lot more committed and have the time and focus for it.

CANNON DAVIS: I would say to not be terrified 24/7, because it makes it a lot less fun. And then once it’s the very end of the season, you start to notice that it’s actually fun. But you could have had fun the whole time rather than worrying. So just have fun with it.

PATIENCE FOSTER: And drink water.


MILEY FISHER: Thank you, Patience and Cannon, for joining this podcast. Music used in this podcast is from [INAUDIBLE]. And don’t forget when we give you the lead, you stay for the tea. Thank you for listening to this episode today. For EagleAir Radio, this is Miley Fisher signing off.