Going the Extra Mile


Adelyn Janssen stretches during practice. (Joanna Petinaris )

As spring is approaching, so is the upcoming track season. Athletes are ready to showcase their skills during this upcoming season. Whether it be running or throwing events, athletes will compete in their first meet on March 20th.

  Track and Cross Country coach Lance Brumley is eager to bring home another Central Ozark Conference (COC) and district victory for the girls this season after a successful season last year. For the boys, Brumley is working towards winning a conference championship. 

  “…I always want to improve and become a better coach in terms of technique and strategies and things like injury prevention,” Brumley said.

  Athletes are already focusing on how to enhance their performance. Junior Adelyn Janssen has been focusing on which strategies she wants to improve for her performance during this upcoming season. 

   “I’ve been doing a lot of strengthening drills and hip-mobility stuff to have power and more efficiency when I run,” Janssen said.

   While strength training and technique are important for track athletes, so is their diet. Senior Caleb Gamble has been paying attention to how he fuels his body.

   “Before races we load up on pasta–it’s … one of our favorite meals,” Gamble said. “We try to avoid things like soda and other desserts.” .

   After back to back wins for the girls team, it’s no surprise Brumley is confident about this upcoming season.

   “They’ve had a lot of success,” Brumley said. “As a matter of fact, they’ve won the last two conference championships. Three in a row would be great.”

 Along with victories, relationships are also motivating when it comes to sports. Many athletes value the interactions they have with their teammates and coaches.

   “We all just have a mutual understanding of what the other person is going through,” Janssen said. “How they might be feeling, if a workout is tough, so it just brings us together.” 

   Having a solid support system has helped bring many runners together and has given them a sense of security, especially when races have been tough.

   “I think definitely just being with the team they’re all there for you, they all got your back. Especially if you have a bad race, they all come up and encourage you,” Gamble said.

   Gamble said that Brumley has pushed team bonding in order to form this mindset.

   “… All the guys especially have gotten really close this past year,” Gamble said. “I think we work really well together and I think it’s gonna strengthen our team.”

   The first meet of the season will be held in Warrensburg, MO on March 20 and Nixa is set to host three home meets later in April.