College Dorm Essentials

College packing advice from Nixa graduate Madalyn Tuning

Alternative lighting
For late night studying, or even just an ambient atmosphere, alternative lighting such as desk lights or string led lights can make all the difference in a dorm.
“Alternative lighting like a small lamp or string lights are great so you can have dim lighting if you need to stay up later than your roommate,” 2021 graduate Madalyn Tuning said. “I use my desk lamp and string lights nearly every evening. They create a cozy atmosphere for studying.”

Shower shoes
Shower shoes are antimicrobial shower sandals that feature drainage holes that allow water to go through while protecting your feet from any dirty tiles.
“Shower shoes are an absolute must unless you want foot fungus,” Tuning said. “Wearing shower shoes and cleaning your space helps keep you safe and sanitary [when using a shared bathroom]” Tuning said.

A shower caddy
A shower caddy is a basket designed to help stay clean and organized with bathroom or shower items. Everything in it is easily accessible and the basket has handles making carrying it around even more convenient.
“A caddy for bathroom items makes taking showers and getting ready much easier and more sanitary.” Tuning said.

Storage tubs
Storage tubs range from 27 gallons to 66 quart. Depending on a person’s needs it can be beneficial to have a very large tub to store many things or many small ones that can even be fit under the beds to store things such as clothing, school supplies, ect.
“You end up collecting a lot of things over time, so you have to have sufficient storage. Oftentimes a simple tub under your bed works well,” Tuning said. “Extra storage truly is so helpful when moving in/out and [during the year they] allow you to hide anything that doesn’t need to be out in the small space.”

Cleaning supplies
Cleaning supplies are beneficial no matter where you are living, especially in a dorm. Staying clean can improve organization, mood, and motivation. Simple items like all purpose cleaner, paper towels, Disinfecting wipes, trash bags and Lysol can all be used to stay clean.
“You always need to be prepared to clean your space and items because college gets messy,” Tuning said. “My cleaning supplies are great because both times I’ve moved into my dorm, the room was very dusty or had grime.”

Medical items
Medical items are needed to stay healthy and safe. Bandages, a thermometer and simple medication like pain relievers are recommended to have just in case.
“I did not think about buying medical items like Band-Aids, a thermometer, or simple medicines like pain relievers,” Tuning said. “In a college dorm, you end up getting sick a lot more. Be prepared for sharing colds with your roommates and those who share your bathroom.”



Photo by: Olivia Hartman