Restaurant Revival

Bistro 160 goes modern and brings fresh dining experience to Nixa


Reviewer: Kaitlyn Witts

   Getting ready to go to Bistro 160, I put some thought into my outfit. As I walked in I was glad I had, because the restaurant was much classier than Pizza Hut, which previously occupied the building. I went with a few of my teammates and their parents, and we got seated pretty quickly for a group bigger than 10 people. I ordered the breakfast tacos–which were pretty good–with a side of country potatoes–which were amazing.

   Around me, there were many different food options, ranging from pesto pizzas to acai bowls to chocolate chip waffles. On the drinks side, there were four different types of lemonade, as well as coffee, tea and soda. All of the food presentations were lovely, and the experience is worth the price, as the meals mostly fall into the 10 to 20 dollar range.

   Adding to the experience, the husk of the building adds some contrast to its character. The building may be easily overlooked from the outside, but once you step inside, the tranquil atmosphere and soft lighting will draw you in, persuading you to spend many brunches over these new local meals. 


Reviewer: Arabella Cosgrove

   I swung by Bistro 160 after school and found it to be the perfect stop for an afternoon snack. I was greeted by friendly service upon walking in the door, and was immediately handed a menu that showcased a wide variety of dining options, including breakfast, lunch and desserts. I was in the mood for something sweet, so I ordered a chocolate chip scone to-go. It was perfectly baked and satisfied my sweet tooth. Next time, I will definitely dine in since the establishment had many inviting seating options.

   There is bar seating along the windows, which makes for a great place to study when focus is needed. Bistro 160 also has an Instagram page that can be viewed in order to see what foods are being prepared each day, from fish sandwiches to veggie omelets.

   It is evident that the owners are eager to get involved in the community and are very active in their outreach via Instagram. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Bistro 160, and I believe the entire Nixa community will benefit from this emerging local business.