“SpongeBob the Musical:” Nixa Theatre’s First Performance in the Aetos

The cast of SpongeBob The Musical: Alyssa Schmidly as Sandy Cheeks, Maxx Pyle as Patrick Star, and John Perry as SpongeBob Squarepants

 As the closing performance for “SpongeBob the Musical” wrapped up on March 25th, community members and actors alike agreed that it was a memorable experience. This was the first Nixa Theatre performance in the newly built Aetos Center for Performing Arts.

  Those involved in the show had been practicing for a little over three months, as auditions were at the beginning of December. Junior Alyssa Schmidly, who played Sandy Cheeks, has worked hard along with others to ensure that they had a good first show in the new theater.

   “We have put our heart and souls into it, and every single person there came in there wanting to work every single day,” Schmidly said. “We’re all so proud of each other because we all really banded together to make this the best first show we could.”

  Sophomore Bricyn Stoll, who played Squidward Tentacles, said that there was an extensive process that went into this musical. 

   “It was a long and difficult process,” Stoll said. “It may not look like a lot, but there was so much work behind the scenes.” 

  It’s no surprise that cast members have such close-knit and supportive relationships with each other.   

 “They encourage me on the days I need encouragement–we’re a team,” Schmidly said. “If someone does something good, then we are going to hype them up beyond belief, and if we’re struggling then we’re all going to say ‘hey you can do this,’” Schmidly said.

   “SpongeBob the Musical” was a family-friendly event for people of all ages to enjoy. Stoll shares his experience with community members.

   “Closing night when we were out in the lobby, I was getting pictures and fan art from little kids and it was really adorable,” Stoll said.

 Cast members were able to easily enjoy playing their characters, and have fun while doing so. Schmidly said she personally relates to Sandy.

   “[Sandy] is a perky little gal, which is kinda like me a little bit,” Schmidly said. “I just get to go up there and bounce and have fun and be crazy and enjoy myself.”

   Nixa Theatre will be performing their last show of the school year, “Harvey,” on April 27 and 28 at 7:00 p.m. and April 30 at 2:00 p.m. in the Aetos Center for Performing Arts.