Students sign to further their career in education


Sidnee Harp sits with her family as she signs to Missouri State University for Education on educational signing day.

 Six Nixa High School students recently signed to celebrate their future careers in education on April 20th. They will be teaching kids of all ages, from kindergarten to college.

  Senior Sidnee Harp, who plans to attend Missouri State University to become an early childhood educator, knew she wanted to become a teacher when she was young.

   “Growing up as the oldest child and oldest granddaughter I was always naturally good with children, I was even nicknamed “the second mom,’” Harp said.

  Senior Madelynn McConnell, who hopes to teach second or third grade, has used her experience in other classes to help prepare for her future.

   “The Teaching Academy Class really helped me grow and know what to expect,” McConnell said. “It really put into perspective on how a classroom works and everything.”

  Harp has also had her own personal experiences throughout elementary school that inspired her to make a difference. 

 “My third grade teacher has been a big inspiration to me, she got me into math tutoring and helped me get my ADD diagnoses,” Harp said. “She never once made me feel stupid or different than the other [students] and I hope to do the same for my future students.”

   McConnell believes it’s the fact that she’s always been good around kids that has influenced her decision to be an educator.

   “I’ve always had a good relationship with kids and I really enjoy being around them,” McConnell said. “I also want to make a difference in people’s lives.”

 Teachers have an impact on everyday life, and do a lot to influence their students. Harp offered a piece of advice to those wanting to become an educator in the future.

   “Try and get as much experience as possible before you go to college,” Harp said. “Doing this will let you figure out what age level you enjoy most and give you a chance to gain confidence.”