Girls Get Goals

The girls soccer team is working toward change.


Girls soccer is back in session, and the team is doing what they can to prepare for the season ahead.
Senior Lydia Olson has been playing soccer since she was in first grade, Olson wants to improve on her leadership as a returning player.
“I would definitely change sticking up more and being a leader to like my teammates and younger players,” Olson said.
The girl’s team has faced some struggles and excitement.
Sophomore Bailey Snyder is looking forward to some changes.
“I’m most excited for the new girls that came in, I think we have a really good chance of going far and it’s just already proven in the pre-season, and I just think it’s a good year that we have a lot to build off,” Snyder said.
The girls soccer team has been through many obstacles over the years, they have always found a way to not let that stop them. Coach Even Palmer started the girls soccer program back in 1998.
“I loved the sport growing up as a kid,” Palmer said. “I’ve always enjoyed the game and come to really love the coaching side of it,” Palmer said.
Snyder has a tradition every time she plays: She always has straight hair for each game.
“I have naturally curly hair and last year I played a really bad game with my curly hair and now I never play with curly hair,” Snyder said.
Olson has a different approach when getting ready for a soccer game.
“I always have to have an Alani and my hair in braids,” Olson said.
Her idea of good practice is a positive attitude.
“Everyone has to have a good attitude and work together because if someone’s upset then it affects how we play,” Olson said.