REVIEW: New Mario Bros. movie brings nostalgia for all


B&B Theatre in Ozark

   Growing up, I used to play Super Mario Bros. all the time with my dad, oftentimes handing the controller to him so he could beat the level for me. When I heard that Illumination was taking the task of putting a fan favorite video game since 1985 into an animated movie, I was ecstatic. From the time I first heard about it to six months later when it was released, I was restless. When tickets finally came on presale, I rushed to my mom so we could have the best seats in the house. I threw on my best Mario sweatshirt and I was ready to watch the movie. A movie is not complete without a large fountain drink and a massive bucket of popcorn with extra butter. We find our seats and break open the movie snacks. I recline my seat and set back for the moment I’ve been waiting for for six months. The majority of the population was younger kids, some even dressing up as their favorite characters. Once the trailers were over, a hush fell across the audience as the opening scene played on the big screen. I sat in awe for the hour and 32 minutes that it lasted. Everything that I had expected of this movie came true, with unexpected cameos and plot twists. The most anticipated factor of the movie was the cast list. I cannot think of a better actor to voice Bowser than Jack Black. The other actors, Chris Pratt, Charlie Day, Keegan-Michael Key and Seth Rogen, were all so fitting for their character’s personalities. Charles Martinet, the original voice actor for Mario from the video games, had a perfect cameo role as Mario’s dad and a side character. Going into the theater, I was unsure of what the plot would be. Of course, Bowser would maybe steal the princess and set traps for Mario, but would that be the whole movie? After watching, it was so much more. There was a whole other subplot of brotherhood and the importance of family that I didn’t even think to come from the movie, nor did I think I would cry during the ending credits. The lyrical masterpiece that is “Peaches” will have me coming back for more. Just make sure to stay after the movie for both of the post-credit scenes.