Summer Trends: Crochet

Crocheting offers a wallet friendly and sustainable approach to fashion.


Crochet is trendy at Nixa High School

Joanna Petinaris, Reporter

   With temperatures rising, and the cost of clothing, it’s no wonder people don’t want to spend money on a new wardrobe. From tank tops to tote bags, students have been learning to make their own sustainable items.

   Senior Elle Justice has been crocheting since she was in fourth grade, starting out at a crochet club her elementary school offered.

   “I love crochet because I can do it while watching TV, sitting in a lesson, or on long trips,” Justice said. “It’s very versatile.”

   Senior Rylee Doran got into crochet after a friend introduced her to the hobby. Doran has been able to save money on everyday items by making her own market bags, shirts, and other miscellaneous items.

    “You can make literally anything,” Doran said. “That’s what I like about crocheting the most, you can make things that you can use in your everyday life.”

   While crochet is a useful hobby to have, it’s also a good way to relieve stress for some people. Justice said crochet helps her decompress.

    “It’s something that you can do when you don’t feel like doing anything, but also want to be productive,” Justice said. “I like to crochet when I’m thinking about my day.”

    To crochet you need a hook and yarn, which can be found at any Dollar Tree, Walmart, or craft store. Crochet is not to be confused with knitting, however, as knitting uses two needles while crochet uses one hook. There is an abundance of videos on YouTube that teach people how to crochet.

   “There’s a lot of videos that are good at teaching,” Doran said. “But there’s also some that suck [at teaching], and they don’t show it very well. You just have to find the right video and whatever works for you.”

 Crochet is sometimes seen as a more old-fashioned craft, but it is useful for people to learn. Justice appreciates how crochet helps people connect with past generations.

   “It’s a way for you to not only be creative but something that ties them to the generations before them,” Justice said. “It’s a way to save money on small things.”