New Season announced at Theater Banquet


Mason Kindell

People from top row left to bottom row right: Olivia Carlin (9), Abby Haupt (10), Anna Keese (10), Greta Finley (10), Eris Eyeberg (10), Molly Reese (10), Addison ONeil (10) A group of friends gather in the Aetos to hear all about the shows for next year, the awards given out, and to see the senior video and bow.

   Shows for the 2023-2024 season were announced at the Nixa High School Theater Department banquet: “Wizard of Oz” in the fall, “Old Man and Old Moon” in the winter and “Much Ado About Nothing” during the spring.

   Wools will be directingThe Wizard of Oz” in the fall.   “I picked this show because it’s a classic musical, we have yet to do a classic on the new Aetos performing arts stage. It’s something that incorporates many different elements, like flying, which we haven’t flown in a very long time,” Wools said.

   Dr. Allison Fleetwood will be directing the musicalThe Old Man and The Old Moon” in the winter.   “As the head of the department, I have to pick all of them, and I have to make sure they all kind of work together. We really are talking about pursuing joyfulness and how we can show that through all of our productions,” Fleetwood said.   “The Old Man and The Old Moon” has many musical components to it, and Fleetwood decided it would be a great way to show off some kid’s musical talents.   Cory Glenn will be directing the playMuch Ado About Nothing” in the spring.

   Freshmen to Seniors go to this banquet to hear about the shows that are picked for next year, what people will be representing the theater community, to say goodbye to the seniors, along with awards from that theatre season.

   Wools was there presenting awards and making a banquet to remember.

   “ I love the senior video and senior bow. It’s the senior’s final moment to stand on the stage together and look back on their past four years. Especially with this group’s unusual high school experience.” Wools said.“ While I will miss them (of course), I am so thrilled to see what their future holds.”

   Mason Kindell, a freshman, said he had a great time during this year’s theater banquet.

   “I was really excited cause banquet I feel like is one the time a year we can come together as a community and have fun and celebrate new and old season,” he said.

   The community and the people involved on stage and off, play really big parts in people’s experiences in the theater community, especially the seniors.

   “I wont have them with me next year and that I have grown close with some of them but them being here has to teach me to be a better performer and most of all a better person. But I am excited to see what they do next,” Kindell said.