REVIEW: Orange Leaf Pleases with Variety of Flavors


Customers make their own creations at Orange Leaf.

   Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt is a froyo place in Springfield that has moved from place to place in the area around Springfield. The location it’s at right now has been there for awhile even closing down and being brought back.   We went on a weekend when we went in and got cups that you put the froyo in. There were four kinds of cups: small, medium, large, and extra large. Once you get your cup you walk over to the machines where you fill up your cup with your choice of froyo. Once you do that you bring it to the counter where you have the choice to pick a topping. After that the cashier wrings up your order.   The atmosphere is pretty, with pictures of froyo cups all around and a color scheme of white and orange. The seating was also nice with couches and weird looking chairs. The cashier was very nice when ringing us up. The machines they have the froyo in were very clean so were the chairs but the table were not. It looked like it was just wiped down once but it was still mostly clean and not gross.   The froyos I got were pineapple, orange, white chocolate covered strawberry and watermelon. Pineapple tasted like a sweet and sour pineapple and it was good. Orange tasted like a orange that was a little sweet. White chocolate strawberries were sweet and just what I was looking for. Watermelon tasted like a sour watermelon and I liked it. For toppings, I had strawberries, raspberries, and fruity pebbles. The strawberry and raspberries taste good with the fruit flavor froyos especially with the white chocolate strawberries. The fruity pebbles added a nice crunch to the froyo.   My brother got chocolate, coconut, and orange. My brother said how the following flavors tasted. Orange tasted like a citrus sweet flavor that he liked. Coconut was a little bland. Chocolate was like a regular chocolate you could get anywhere that has soft serve ice cream and that was what he wanted. For toppings he had cherries, sprinkles, strawberries, and gummy bears. The strawberries and cherries were ok on the froyo, he said. The sprinkles went good with it because he said he likes sprinkles. The gummy bears are not eaten immediately, become hard and are not easy to eat.

The verdict:

Orange Leaf is a frozen yogurt place in Springfield exactly at 1368-1370 E. Republic Road in Springfield. It’s the only one in Springfield that I know of and it’s a nice place to go when there.
Prices for 8oz are $5.79 for 12oz.
I give this place 4.5/5 stars. Price, taste, flavor, decor, and friendliness gives it the 4 star. The .5 comes from the cleanliness. The machines and the counter were completely clean but the tables were not clean like everything else.

I will be coming back.