Band Members Gear up for Sucker Day Parade


Leah Vannoy (7,from left), Isabella Knight (7), Dina Bardadin (7) march for their first time in the Sucker Day Parade as seventh graders.

Courtney Seiner , Contributing Writer

This year’s Sucker Day parade will be the 65th anniversary. Isabella Knight, a freshman at Nixa High School, has been doing band since 6th grade. She will perform in the sucker day parade for the second time. Knight plays the clarinet and is second chair in concert band.
“It was hard in the beginning to march and play at the same time but now it is easy once I find the rhythm my feet find the right time and I hit the mark,” Knight said.
“I enjoy walking in the parade, our section does fun things when there is a break, like the cadence drum,” Knight said. “It’s a fun time when we get together and march,.”
Lucy Mikolajczyk a freshman who is 1st chair in symphonic band plays the flute, and has been in the parade multiple times, first marching in 7th grade.
“I have never had candy thrown at me, but I have had to breathe in car exhaust and it’s horrible, I enjoy walking in the parade, though. It’s fun but it’s a long way to walk and a long time to hold up an instrument, plus I don’t get candy,” Mikolajcyzk said. “At the junior high, flutes walk in the front, but in High School we walk in the back, I enjoy walking in the front better though.”
The Sucker Day Parade is on May 19 and starts at 5 p.m. The parade route starts at the junior high and then goes behind McAlisters and circles back to the junior high.