Delicious morning: Food reviewers Kaitlyn Jones and Nadia May compare different restaurants


Nadia May

Morning Day is decorated with many spring themed items, as well as art pieces from local artists hanging on the walls.

La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant
Open Tuesday-Sunday
11:00 a.m.- 9:00 p.m.
562 W Mt Vernon St #9681

Nadia’s opinion: ⅘ stars

The restaurant was small, but had many decorations of Hispanic-culture that added a nice vibe to the place. Kaitlyn and I ordered a crispy sopapilla — a fried tortilla drizzled with cinnamon, honey, and sugar, for $2.99 and additional vanilla ice cream for 99 cents. It was very sweet, but messy to eat since you couldn’t exactly eat the sopapilla with a spoon or fork. I would definitely recommend this dish to anyone that has a sweet tooth. The service also wasn’t terrible, since there were also quite a few tables full and only one waitress. 

Kaitlyn’s opinion: 4/5 stars

I really liked the Hispanic-themed decorations, They helped create a fun environment. Nadia and I ordered the crispy sopapilla. I had never had it before, but I really enjoyed how flaky and crunchy the tortilla was. The honey and cinnamon also stood out — adding some nice sweet flavor to it. We also added ice cream to it which I thought made it better. It’s kind of messy to eat, but it’s worth it. The service was quick and our waitress was kind, creating a nice sense of closure for the meal.

Morning Day Cafe
101 S Main Street Nixa
Under $20

Nadia May’s take: 4/5
My first initial impression of the cafe was that it was very cute, homey and aesthetically pleasing. There were
decorations that looked like tree bark, lots of flowers and pieces of art from artists that were hung around the wall. Kaitlyn and I ordered biscuits and gravy since it was early in the morning when we got there. The gravy was a
combination of sweet and salty, and the biscuit was also practically drowned in the gravy. I decided to add the potatoes to the gravy, which made the gravy taste better in my opinion. The service was also good. There were quite a few tables full, but the waitress had come up to our table to make sure if we needed anything quite a few times.

Kaitlyn’s take: 2/5
When I had first walked into the cafe I noticed the
decorations. They had art hung on the walls and my
personal favorite where the oddly-shaped glass lights
hanging from the ceiling. Although there weren’t many seats, we were still waited immediately. Our food was also delivered in a short time. I ordered biscuits and gravy and a side of potatoes. The gravy seemed to have a little too many spices added, which I didn’t like. The proportion of gravy to biscuit was also strange, it felt that you could have had another biscuit and still have plenty of gravy left over. The potatoes added did help balance out the spices and made the meal more enjoyable. The decent service and friendly environment also improved my time there.