Snuggle up to winter


Avery FitzSimmons

A cozy setting of personal winter favorites with the seasonal color red adding a warm feeling for the holidays.

Winter is the peak of holiday; a celebration of religions, cultures and is a happy, yet sometimes stressful, time of year. There are ways to make that season more comfortable. The Danish tradition called Hygge is one way. Hygge, which is pronounced hyoo-guh, it is based around feeling cozy and close with loved ones. There are many aspects to the season, including food, clothing, activities and decorations to achieve the hygge effect. Interior design teacher Ashley Newberry said using the right colors can help achieve a calm environment.
“I think to achieve a warm winter, look for light blues with lots of lights — soft lights,” she said.

Get comfy this winter:

• Make a hot cocoa.
• Snuggle up by the fire.
• Take time to relax.
• Savor the holidays.
• Spice it up and go pick up some in-season flowers.
• Go ice skating.
• Go sledding; if you can that is.
• Buy everything on your wish list during Cyber Monday or Black Friday.
• Cozy up with a new book and get lost in a different world.
• Watch a hockey game.
• Have a movie marathon with seasonal treats.
• Slip on a comfy pair of slippers.
• Take a trip to a ski resort during break.
• Make homemade cookies with family recipes.
• Put on some holiday music.
• Light some candles.
• See a winter play, maybe “The Nutcracker.”
• If it snows enough make a snowman, snow angel, or an igloo.
• Maybe even go wild and have a snowball fight like when you were a kid.
• Donate old clothes to those in need.
• Perform small acts of kindness, remember it’s the season of giving.