Letter from the Editor: Getting Ready for the Future


STORY BY: Riley Harris
As the second semester starts, I realize that my time in high school is slowly coming to an end. I am having mixed feelings about leaving and start a new life on my own.
I’m excited to be able to have my own space and be able to be my own person, but there is still a part of me that is nervous and scared that once I get to Northwest Missouri State that I’m not going to enjoy being there and not know what to do.
Along with the feelings about not really knowing if I made the right choice, there are still the pressures of making sure I get everything done in order to go. I still have so much left to do before I leave.
I still have to take the ACT one more time to see if I can bump my score up two more points to qualify to the next scholarship. This makes me really nervous because this is my last chance to take the test. It also doesn’t help that when it came to big and important test like this, I get really bad test anxiety and I start to second guess everything I do and I run out of time.
Another thing I have to do before college starts, is I have to pick my roommate. At Northwest Missouri State University, we are really blessed with being able to have the opportunity to pick the person we want to live with our first year. For most this is a great thing.
For me, I am a little worried that I won’t like my choice and I have to live with someone I don’t like for a whole year. But there is also a part of me that thinks this is the best thing because I can pick someone who I know I might get along with and I can get to know them before the school year starts.
Even though I still have a lot to do before the first day of college, I am excited to be able to become my own person and be able to really figure out what I want to do for the rest of my life. Along with that, I will also have my sister for the first semester of school before she graduates. It will be nice to have someone who I know up there with me and knows what the campus is like. I am really excited to be able to spend some time with her before she moves back home.
Although there is still a lot of stuff to do before I start a new chapter in my life, I am excited to see what it has to offer.