Stay active at home

Step away from your nest and discover a few new things.


   Isolation can be hard. Not being able to leave your house and continue with activities that used to be normal is new for everyone. From grocery stores to the movie theater, going out may not be an option for a while. Students and adults alike are all trying to figure out the same thing: how does one stay occupied in such a difficult time? If that is not enough, many high school students have had hard-earned opportunities taken away from them. In the end, this virus has managed to affect everybody in different ways.

   Senior band and choir member Joshua Goodin has tried keeping his mind busy, despite how many of his events have been cancelled. 

   “I have had so many things get taken from me,” Goodin said. “My solo and ensemble for both choir and band got cancelled, along with several other things that took me months of preparation.”

   Students are all dealing with this same problem right now: from band, choir, theater, any spring sport and many more cancelled events. There are ways to stay optimistic. 

   “I’ve still continued practicing all of my musical pieces despite the opportunity being lost,” Goodin said. “It keeps me positive knowing that I at least worked the best I could and still learned from it in the end.”

   Continuing to practice and work on things that were lost is a great way to keep your spirits up. It can serve as a reminder of hard work put into something. Stay busy with some of these options.

  1. While you should remember social distancing, exercise is a great way to cleanse your mind. Activities such as walking, bicycling, and jogging can all help reduce stress and increase your fitness level. Exercise is also a good method to get back into a schedule. With school closed, everyone has experienced major lifestyle changes; exercise is an easy means to fix this. Even if it is as simple as getting out of bed and going for a morning walk, getting active is sure to be of help. 
  2. It may not seem easy right now with stores so limited, but everyone could use a day to bake their stress away. Surprisingly enough, there are endless amounts of recipes that can be made with ingredients that most people have laying around. For instance, easy peanut butter cookies can be made with just a cup of sugar, a cup of peanut butter, and one egg. Baking can be quick and simple, or it can be messy and creative. 
  3. Get outside and enjoy nature. Studies have proven that fresh air, along with the scents of plants and flowers, can relieve stress and increase serotonin levels. There are also many ways to help nature, while nature helps right back. For those who don’t mind getting a little dirty, planting and gardening will yield a great reward. Certain fruits and vegetables can even be grown indoors with the right amount of effort and care. 
  4. Stream an all-night movie marathon. With streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, binge watching has never been easier. Sleep is no longer a necessity with nowhere to go, so turn on the television and spend some quality time with loved ones, or alone, by watching some favorite shows and movies.
  5. Get competitive with cards and board games. There has never been a better time to show the family who’s boss by playing an 8-hour long game of Monopoly. Family bonding is important through such a difficult time, and board games are a great way to do just that. 
  6. Sit down and enjoy a good video game. With the power of online gaming, friends all over have managed to stick together through the screens.    When you cannot meet your friends in person, video games become the next best thing. Online multiplayer is not just limited to Animal Crossing though, games like Minecraft and Overwatch have also been popular options.   “Animal Crossing has been a big factor in staying with my friends,” sophomore Nick Jungen said. “We’ll all meet up on the game, sometimes even calling or Facetiming while we play.”

   Quarantine cannot last forever, but make every moment the best it can possibly be. Stay busy and stay active.