Stuck In The Dugout

Nixa athletes react to the cancellation of the spring sports season.


Provided by Wendy Jones

The 2020 Nixa girls soccer season ended soon after its opening jamboree.

Katelynn Gibson, Reporter

  Spring sports are cancelled. MSHSAA made the decision to cancel all Missouri high school spring sports because of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, As many players have faced the fact that they are not able to play, they still plan to work hard.

   “At this point, it’s hard to have a solid opinion on canceling spring sports,” Athletic Director Brandon Clark said. “On one hand, I absolutely hate that our student athletes have lost their season, especially our senior athletes. On the other hand, we absolutely have to do our part to help prevent the spread of this virus.” 

   Nobody is at fault for the cancelling of sports, it is simply something that had to be done in order to keep the safety of students in mind. As seniors have approached their final season of their sport, some are struggling to come to terms with missing the season. 

   Senior Evann Long has been playing baseball for as long as he can remember, and he is not giving up. Long has signed with Pitt State and is looking forward to it.

   “Of course nobody likes it, but we can’t control what happens,” Long said. “I’m still working to get better.” 

   Administration feels awful knowing that they cannot provide what the seniors deserve.

   “The one thing I would want all our seniors to know is that it is hard for me to fully understand how losing the last part of their senior year is truly affecting them,” Clark said. “I want to thank all of the seniors for their understanding, and we, as a school district, are going to do our best to provide them with a special graduation and maybe some other events to help wrap up their senior year.”

   Savannah Krawczyk has been in track since her freshman year. Along with other seniors, she said she was devastated by hearing about the season being cancelled. But she plans on powering through. 

   “As hard as this has been for everyone, life is not ending,” Krawczyk said. “We are going to grow from this and have great stories to tell our kids someday. As much as I complain about school and wanting to graduate, it’s not something to be rushed. If you’re not a senior and still have a few years left in high school, do not take it for granted. Go to the sporting events, go to homecoming — even if you think it might be lame — enjoy time in high school because it will seriously fly by and you never know what may happen to end it all so fast.”