#NixaStrong works to help local businesses


Luk Boutique has been selling #NixaStrong T-shirts for $30.

   The first case of COVID-19 in Christian County was announced on March 8 and on March 26 at 12:01 a.m., Nixa was placed under a stay-at-home order. That means only essential employees can work and people are supposed to only be away from home for essential business.

   Most businesses that aren’t essential have closed doors, like Luk Boutique and the Chili Bowl. 

   Chili Bowl decided to close its doors because ever since spring break, the sales were dropping while COVID-19 became more active in the community. Another main reason for Chili Bowl closing was because Annie Pope, the owner, felt a need to keep her staff and family safe.

   “I felt responsible if my staff or my family were to contract this disease through us staying open,” Pope said. “It was best for everyone.” 

   Stephanie Kubla is the owner of Luk Boutique, a clothing store on Main Street. Her store has done something to support other businesses in Nixa: They are selling T-shirts that say #nixastrong. The shirts sell for $30 each, and include a $10 donation to Nixa businesses. Luk Boutique sold around 200 T-shirts as of mid-April.

   Kubla got the idea for the T-shirts from a friend, but to her it isn’t just about businesses but community. 

   “We are a strong community through good and trying times,” Kubla said.

    People who wish to purchase a shirt can buy shirts at www.lukboutique.com.