Join Nixa Journalism


Scheduling for the 2021-22 school year is coming up. Consider taking Journalism or Intro Broadcast Journalism. It is open to freshmen through seniors. Nixa Journalism produces the following products:

  • Nixa High School Yearbook
  • Wingspan newsmagazine
  • EagleAir TV news show and podcasts
  • website
  • Instagram: nhsjournalism

Journalism students excel at these things:

  • Develop stronger critical thinking skills
  • Excel at communication skills
  • Develop business management skills 
  • Interact with adults and students with professionalism. 
  • In general, have a higher GPA than their peers*
  • In general, do better on the ACT than their peers*

If these things apply to you, then you might enjoy taking Journalism or Intro to Broadcast Journalism:

  • You’re creative.
  • You love photography, video, and/or graphic design.
  • You enjoy sharing the news with others and teaching others.
  • You like to talk to other people and learn about them.
  • You are willing to work as a team in order to create awesome projects.
  • You like to share your work with others.
  • You like to use computers to finalize your work and make it the best it can be.
  • You are picky about your work and won’t settle for “almost good enough.”
  • You learn by doing, in a project-based environment.
  • You like writing and are pretty good at it.

Two options are available to beginning Journalism students:

1. Journalism (writing, photos and graphic design):

  • In this class, you’ll learn the basics of print journalism. 
  • You’ll be writing news articles, taking pictures and designing pages.
  • You will learn about journalistic ethics, interviewing, reporting, editing, photography, public relations, advertising, news design, Associated Press style and news in other media forms. 
  • This class is a prerequisite for Advanced Journalism, where you will create the NHS yearbook or the news magazine Wingspan.
  • You should have a B or higher in your English class if you want to take Journalism.

2. Intro to Broadcast Journalism:

  • In this class, you will learn the basics of creating videos and newscasts. You’ll learn such things as camera angles, lighting, sound, and different types of shots. You’ll work with cameras and editing software (Adobe Premiere Pro)  in order to publish your videos. You’ll work as a team to create video news packages.
  • This class is a prerequisite for Advanced Broadcast Journalism, where you will produce EagleAir TV.
  • You should have a C or higher in your English class if you want to take Journalism.

After you complete the intro class, you will be ready for the Advanced classes, where you can join EagleAir TV, Wingspan magazine or Yearbook. Fun fact: The Wingspan and Yearbook Advanced classes offer a Dual Credit option, when you can get class credit through Missouri State University.


When you enroll, remember:

Choose JOURNALISM if you want to write, take photos and design magazines or yearbooks.

Choose INTRO BROADCAST JOURNALISM if you want to make videos.


Questions? Contact Mrs. Eggleston, NHS Journalism Adviser,
at 417-724-3621 or [email protected]