Club Showcase

A look into the clubs Nixa High School has to offer

Crabtree’s Coffee House
Wednesdays 2:32-3:30 p.m.
Cambria Crabtree’s classroom, room 220
Email: [email protected]

“It’s a club structured around being social with people. I’ve never been to a club where the whole point of it is just to make friends, have a relaxing time and hang out. It is something that has helped reduce my anxiety and helped me with interacting with people.”

Kyleigh Nielsen

Art Club
Thursdays 2:32-4:00 p.m.
Savannah Slayden, room 236
Email: [email protected]

“I love art, I’m in ceramics club too, art is just a passion
of mine. [I like] the diversity in the room, you have people who have never done art before
and people who do it all the time.”
— Skylar Caywood, Sophmore

Kyleigh Nielsen

Ceramics Club
Tuesdays 2:32-4:00 p.m.
Ryan Widel’s classroom, room 234
Email: [email protected]

“I have ceramics 8th hour already. So I joined for the extra time. I’m building a totem pole being 6 feet tall. The club is pretty relaxed and you don’t need to be in an art class.”
— Audrey Coorts, Senior

Kyleigh Nielsen

Cooking Club
Two Thursdays a month
Ashley Newberry’s classroom, room 218
Email: [email protected]

“It’s about cooking. You just meet, cook, then eat the rest of the time. It’s super fun it’s a bunch of people who are friends. It’s very friendly and welcoming everyone there kinda becomes friends. It’s a very happy environment.”
— Claire Fletcher, Freshman

Kyleigh Nielsen



Girls After God’s Heart
Thursdays 7:05-7:25 a.m.
Amber Brantner’s classroom, room 215
Email: [email protected]

“We try and do some fun activities because it’s really just about being a community. We are still working on growing our numbers, but it doesn’t really matter who we are; it just matters why we are gathering — because we believe in god and are Christians. We share what we go through and some thoughts. It’s only for girls and as girls, I think we like to have friends and be around each other.”
— Lauren Reed, Senior

Kyleigh Nielsen