Walking With the Sun

A look into the outdoors

A waterfall at the hiking trail, Glory Hole Falls, Ozark Arkansas

    The outdoors is a great place to exercise providing entertainment and enjoyment. When you exercise outside it brings many benefits Phil Wickwar, a health teacher, said that walking is the beginning of his day and really starts his day. 

    “I walk basically to burn some calories I do a 45-minute read then I walk second thing I do hope is starts my metabolism and it’s prior to eating, it burns low calories, it just starts my routine,” Wickwar said.

   Going outside and exercising is a very rewarding and positive experience. While walking there are distractions that make the time go by faster than with a treadmill or elliptical trainer. Raylee Bachman said that running outside is very uplifting and you actually feel like you’re exercising. 

   “Running outside is really good for you you get air, you get to see outside, you get all the nature, then you get all the exercise,” Bachman said.

   If running or walking isn’t something that seems interesting there are multiple ways you can be outside and exercise. Hiking, swimming, rock climbing, yoga, biking, and jump rope are all considered outside activities evolving exercise(https://www.forbes.com/health/body/easy-ways-to-exercise-outside/). Along with distractions, walking or running on a trail distracts you from exercising. Wickwaar said that walking inside is boring cause all you’re doing is staring at a wall. Walking outside can be mood lifting 

   “If it did nothing for me physically, what it does for me mentally and my mood, I’d still walk,” Wickwar said.

   Listening to music or podcast are great things to do while on a walk. Wickwar said that while walking he listens to podcasts and then turns on music on the way back. Wickwar also said that he brings his recorder because while walking he thinks of great ideas that way he can record them and go back to them later. 

   “There a lot of science out there as you exercise it supports your left side of the brain[creative side]. I got a lot of good ideas while I’m walking” Wickwar said.

   Trials are a great way to make memories going on runs with friends and family makes the experience more enjoyable Bachman started running because of her mom. At the age of 8, Bachman ran with her mom.

    “It honestly really fun you never feel unsafe because you’re with your mom sometimes I will be running and I’m like this is super sketchy,” Bachman said.

   Running could go a bunch of different ways. Some people run in the mornings and some run mid-day. While running some listen to music and some listen to friends. Going to a trail or just staying in the neighborhood. Exercising outside is recommended by many for the mental state. Along with the weather, good weather is very rewarding just feeling the warm sun or cool breeze. It’s a different experience than what the treadmill has to offer.