Editorial: Find focus amid chaos


Trump’s Twitter. A 52 nuke threat. The draft. World War III. Conflict with Iran. Assassination. Impeachment. Throughout the last few months, countless concerns, jokes, and solutions have come around.
However, not every article provides accurate information as to what truly is the situation. Still, people have taken information — exaggerated or not — and caused a lot of discussion as to what is going on and what needs to be done about it. Being careful about which sites you receive your news and information from will determine whether you are sharing so called “fake news.”
For starters, it is crucial for people to make informed decisions about the sources they are trusting. The amount of people on social media adding their two cents in can cause confusion as to what the actual situation is. Journalists are trained to look for fallacies and bias in sources, but a good amount of the general population is not equipped with the same knowledge.
There are numerous websites that detail different biased news sources, such as www.adfontesmedia.com that has a chart. The chart shows left-leaning, right leaning, and accuracy of information on different websites.
Adding to chaos is not beneficial, either. Refraining from posting about serious situations until more information is available or educating yourself as much as possible about these situations is helpful. Essentially, being informed is the way to prevent ideas from spiraling.
With so many big events happening in our government, it is best to stay on top of it all. Trump’s impeachment has excited and threatened many. There is no reason to be terribly afraid of what might happen, considering impeachments are not something brand new. The country gets new presidents every four to eight years and survives. Remember that the American government goes through changes all the time.
While it appears there will not be significant action as aftermath for the killing of the Iranian general, there still could be retaliation. In the meantime, it is our jobs as citizens to voice any concerns and advocate for the actions we wish to see. Stay informed on updates with the situation. Stay educated on other cultures and foreign affairs.

Being informed is the way to prevent ideas from spiraling. ”